The Small Black Business Directory (SBBD) supports commerce and the circulation of the dollar within communities of color.  The nationwide directory serves as a connection between consumers and the black-owned businesses it supports. Our primary goal is to not only serve as a listing or directory of reputable Black-owned businesses, but to also become a resource for current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The SBBD was created by Victoria Berry, a native of Detroit, MI, who has always supported small business. Without seeking much in return, she founded The Small Black Business Directory (SBBD) in October 2013 to be a resource in the African American community and an important tool in business.

It is the goal of The SBBD to be the go-to source when looking to locate and support small Black businesses. We want this directory to not just list the business contact information. We want the business owners to be able to come to The SBBD when looking for assistance, motivation or the knowledge that it takes to be an entrepreneur. We want consumers to go to The SBBD when they are looking to support Black-owned businesses.

We must understand how important it is to support small businesses, and especially small black businesses. Support those who need you the most. If you are a business owner, submit your business to be included in the directory. If you’re looking to support small black businesses, please browse our listings, or review our resources.


About Victoria

Victoria Berry A native of Detroit, MI, and proud alumna of Cass Technical High School and Eastern Michigan University, Victoria has always been an avid supporter of small business, particularly small businesses in the black community. She loves sharing any information she has or comes across regarding being an entrepreneur. You can connect with her by clicking here.