What is The Small Black Business Directory?

The Small Black Business Directory (SBBD) is your portal to the businesses who need you the most. The goal of The SBBD is to serve as the connector between consumers and Black business owners. It is our firm belief that we must support our own community in order to prosper. We created this site as a resource. Imagine visiting a new city and being able to locate and support Black-owned businesses. Imagine a place where you can broadcast your business or event to the people who are truly interested. That is The Small Black Business Directory.

What types of businesses are listed in The Small Black Business Directory?

We currently have over 30 categories listed on SBBD. Whether you have a consulting firm, a hair salon, a daycare, write a fashion blog or sell products online, there’s a place for your business on The Small Black Business Directory.

How can I submit my business to be included in the directory?

You can easily submit your business by clicking here to access the Submit A Listing page. Once your request has been submitted you will receive an email and we will review your request for completeness. This review process can take up to 48 hours, as we personally review every request. We approve the majority of requests. If yours is missing any vital information, we will contact you. Once approved, you will receive an additional email that will include the direct link to your listing on the site.

What will prevent my business from being listed?

When submitting your business, please complete as many fields as possible on the form. We want to make sure yours is a legitimate business and providing as much information as possible about your business is the best way to do that. We accept businesses from every industry. We will not approve any listing for adult-themed or pornographic services or any other listing that can be deemed offensive.

How long will my listing be active?

Your listing will be active indefinitely unless you delete it yourself, or advise us you would like it deleted. Once a year we will send a reminder to listing owners to log on to review and update their listing with any new information.

Can I advertise on this directory?

Yes! We offer competitively priced advertising space. Please visit our Advertising Information page for more info.

Why should I list my business on SBBD?

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of exposure. If no one knows about your business, you won’t have any customers. SBBD is focused on the helping small businesses gain exposure in order to generate more customers. Too often, small businesses get lost in the sea of larger corporations. We understand that your needs are much different than those of large organizations, therefore we are committed to finding the most relevant outlets to promote the directory, which in turns promotes your business.

Is there a charge to list a business or event?

During our initial launch, there is no charge to list your business or event on our website. Any businesses that is listed during this initial launch will never be charged for their listing, regardless of future pricing structures.

Why is there a ‘Donate’ button?

The idea for this directory stemmed from a need that was recognized, and while we do not charge for listings, we do appreciate any support you can offer. Whether that support is monetary, or simply spreading the word about the directory, we sincerely appreciate it. Any monies that are donated are spent directly on the directory for things such as advertising in mass media outlets, upgrades to the site, such as better search functionality, and general maintenance.


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