Is Entrepreneurship a Fad?

Anyone remember AOL? Gigapets? MySpace? Anyone run out to purchase a digital camera to capture Kodak moments and BOOM! All things eventually end up in the junk drawer! It’s crazy how something works today and nearly dissipates over time. This remains for true even for small businesses. They come and they go!

Is entrepreneurship a fad? Has quitting the 9-5 hustle and owning a business become the cool thing to do? Or will your business plan and business cards in up in the junk drawer?

Just recently, everyone is on board with being their own boss. More small businesses, tech startups, co-working spaces and opportunities have surfaced than ever. Many are no longer interested in investing 40 hours a week for a determined salary and 200 vacation hours. People want flexibility, options and independence. Entrepreneurship is far from a bad thing! It does, however, take a lot of hard work, money and great discipline.

While currently making a lot noise with more minorities and millennials involved, entrepreneurship is definitely NOT a fad! Many have and areentrepreneurship a fad doing quite well! According to research, Forbes confirms that approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month and 52% of those small businesses are home-based. And numbers don’t lie:  the total revenues from non-employers hit $989.6 billion in 2011 (up 4.1% from 2010). This isn’t to say that you should quit your job and pursue entrepreneurship, but it speaks volumes about having a great idea or business model. And that surely beats most salaries any day.

Just being honest, some people aren’t mentally prepared to be the boss. Some people lack the consistency, dedication and drive required to follow through with ideas wholeheartedly – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Working and helping someone else purse their dreams is fair easier than pursuing your own. As employee, you have limited responsibility and are not totally responsible for shouldering business logistics. As an employee, simply showing up is simply enough! Additionally, there are some accountants, lawyers and school administrators that do really well for themselves. While they are not balancing several roles and building a brand, managing a website and concern with marketing and logistics, their roles are very necessary. We need doctors, teachers and laborers, so if entrepreneurship isn’t your thing – so what works! If your job, conducive for your life and family, you should definitely make the best of it. Most importantly, keep working hard and do more than you’re paid for because hard work never hurt anybody. If long hours, working hard, discipline and dedication is your thing, keep grinding because entrepreneurship is definitely paying big these days! Just remember, entrepreneurship is not everybody and if you can’t be one – at least support one.

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