Millennials in the Workforce

Many members of the class of 2013 are turning 30, and along with them a rapidly evolving workforce. This The Millennial Generationgeneration has at their disposal, learningmaterials that make mastery possible with the stroke of a key click or of a button. They are the technically savvy, the fast moving, detoxing, and world traveling change makers, who are starting businesses and making money faster than any generation before them.

The founder and perhaps most creative mind behind Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is worth over $10 billion dollars is only 28 years old. Or, how about Dennis Makori? Dennis is one of the most successful value added telecoms service providers in Kenya. He grosses $3 million annually by developing voice and data applications. Did we mention Dennis is only 34 years old? These millennials are far ahead of their time and this causes for extreme measures since the workforce will be comprised of at least 50% of millenials.

Some of these changes include flexibility, growth and innovation. Why? Because millennials have options. They are developing apps, starting businesses and monetizing on everyday hobbies like gaming. They are not interested in politics especially in the work environment. They have the tools, power and bandwidth necessary to be their own boss. They’d rather make memories than spend 30 years in a cubicle. They are risk takers; so failing until one gets it right sounds quite adventurous. They are fearless & they are giving jobs the boot! They are creating their own destiny, building opportunities and making major moves as CEOs.


Are you a millennial still in the workforce? How do you feel about your peers gravitating toward business ownership, and are you yourself leaning toward being an entrepreneur? Share you thoughts below!

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